About JWS

About JWS

However, in Japan many informal psychological assessments which do not comply with “Test standard”, as well as “Psychological games” converted venomously from original assessments can be found. In Japan, where Psychology is yet to be recognized, people can be easily misled believing such “fake Psychological tests” as formal and standardized assessments, and hurt by ungrounded “diagnostic result” provided or its horrible contents with malicious intention.

Sincethis current situation in Japan has been a big concern as a clinical psychologist from sometime, and with a growing demand for online psychological assessments from Enterprise, Education and the Medical Industries we started established our company to provide Japan's first Online Psychological Formal Assessment service.


JPP is the Japan's first WEB services company specializing in psychological assessments.
In conjunction with the CPP, the exclusive publisher of the MBTI® instrument and other psychological assessments, we provide services including scoring services using up-to-date statistics, report generation, data management and other services.

  • Provision of the Online MBTI Form M.
  • Provision of the Online MBTI STEP2 (Form Q)
  • Provision of data management and statistical analysis services for MBTI Professional (qualified) Users in assessing subjects.
  • Salesof MBTI publications and materials.